Thursday, November 11, 2010


Now for the exciting conclusion to "Goings On"...

I'm sure you all remember I was laid off at the end of my maternity leave in April 2008. Lots of resumes, a few interviews, more resumes, no interview, finally a part time bookkeeping job. During all of this we decided I would go to college for an actual accounting degree. So I go to Thomas Edison State College of New Jersey. The classes are twelve weeks long. The way my financial aid is set up I take classes starting Sept.1, Dec 1, March 1 and June 1. Twelve weeks of class and a week to ten days off before next classes begin. Last year each term I took three classes. This Sept term with work, his illness, kids, worry, etc I dropped one class and am only taking two. They are just about killing me! One way or another they are over on November 20. The next bunch start Dec 1.

Health-wise I've seen some action too. After all of my thyroid crap of the last few years it just up and died on me. I gained around 25 pounds in two months, went to the doctor all what the hell and several tests later found a non-functioning thyroid. It actually explained a bunch of things I was attributing to stress. So now I am on synthetic thyroid hormone and am glad it's all over with. One thing that wasn't taken care of was the excessive, ridiculous periods. For all of our sakes I won't go into detail. In September I had a D & C, had some fibroids tied off and an ablation. Let me tell you, if you are done child bearing, the ablation is wonderful. I haven't had a period since and will most likely never have another one.

I don't want you to think that we are all gloom and doom, draped in black and morose. Things have been stressful and depressing but we are managing. I think I laughed last week. Kidding. I really do think everything will be ok, I just need to remind myself of that. Often. The Big Guy always says, "Has God brought us this far to just drop us?" No, he hasn't. So I'm going to try not to worry about Big Guy or money or the kids or anything else. I just want a nice holiday season.

Now you are pretty much caught up. Now what will I write tomorrow...

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Kellie said...

I will not be that friend that tells you "well, it COULD be worse".

BULLSHIT! Right now SUCKS and I am so sorry. No one should have to be dealt the hand of shit cards your family has.

You still rock my socks, my friend.