Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Growing Old WAITING!

It is after 1PM here and I still haven't heard anything. So much for first thing. I know the receptionist has no control over the doctor and let me tell ya, once I get these results, I sure as hell am not going back to this doctor. I don't care if he's the last doctor on the damn earth, I'm going someplace else. I've called my voice mail about 12 million times to see if there was any message. Now I'm hanging out here. I'm going to call them again, my blood pressure could use a workout.

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CPA Mom said...

Hi there, just me, catching up from 2 weeks of reading!

I'm sorry you have to wait like this just because he is "busy." You deserve better. Yes, get a new doctor, no matter what. He sucks. And so does his receptionist.