Sunday, November 05, 2006

Biopsy- Mythical Creature of Pants Shitting

Yep, the B-word and C-word by proxy. In all the thyroid crap I 've gone through the word cancer was said twice, as in "It's Not". Apparently doctors have magical ways of looking at test results and ultrasounds that mere mortals like us could never dream of understanding. With their magical mystery eyes, the doctors have said that because of they way my lumpy-lumps are shaped, have grown and had baby lumpy-lumps, they are not cancerous. Seven years of NOT CANCEROUS.

Bring in Doctor Doom. "I think we should biopsy these before we decide on any other course of treatment. There is always a possibility that they are malignant." (Side note: Have you ever noticed that malignant is a very ugly word. I mean it sounds awful. The least they could do is give it a nicer name. I'd rather be killed by the flowery flower disease than the (dun dun duunn) malignant melanoma.)

I have to have a biopsy. I am thrilled. The doctor who does the thyroid biopsy is on vacation. So I get to wait. He's supposed to be back Monday. I know I get backed up after a vacation so let's see how long it takes to get an appointment.

I hate waiting.


julianna said...

Oh. Yes. Malignant sounds bad. But so does benign. I never liked either. I hope things go well.

CPA Mom said...

I will keep you in my prayers. I remember waiting to get the biopsy of my breast tumor. All turned out well. So we will pray for you.

Have you ever read Radioactive Girl (Tori)? She had thyroid cancer and may have some insight for you, even just on thyroids in general.

Amy W said...

Hey, I found you through cpa mom, great site, I like the look. Sorry to here about your biopsy, I know the waiting game can be tough.