Thursday, July 08, 2010

Why I Blog

You. You are the reason why I blog. The comments, emails, Facebook messages and phone calls have helped me the last few days. You have helped me the last few days. You know just what to say. You know how I feel. You can put yourself in my shoes. You remind me that there is hope and treatments and life to be lived.

I love all of you.

Now if you could just come here and make me a mango martini or ten, you would be absolutely perfect.


beach mama said...

I'm not sure I could find your house again, it's been too long. Send it to me and I just may stop by with a martini one day....

Anonymous said...

That's what we're here for.
And... martinis? Anytime.

Noelle said...

Why I read blogs: this breaks my heart, and even though you're someone just on the periphery of my life, I'm heartbroken for you, and your story puts some perspective on my world feeling too overwhelming.

I've had your blog open on my browser for a week, not really sure what to say, because what can you? Just wanted to send you some strength.

Anonymous said...

I love you like a sweet pair of shoes.

(And that is WHOLE fricken lot!)

I blog for the same reasons--I love the support of my friends--yes, people I've never met or spoken to are my friends.

Can I try and make you laugh? Or smile?



Well? Anything?