Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Now THAT"S Customer Service

In an effort to pinch every penny as hard as I possibly can, we are switching to one of those package deals. You know, phone, internet and tv all bundled together. It's going to save us about $35 a month and we will have much faster internet and HBO, Showtime and Starz. Not that I really care about the premium channels but, hey, they are included in the price so what the hell. I am freakin head over heels about faster internet! The provider we have now is so slow(sky). Drives me crazy.

Today I get a call from the slow(sky) provider. "We are calling in regard to your recent decision to switch providers. What can we do to make you change your mind?" Great, huh? Calling to retain my business after being a customer for a bajillion years!

My problem?

It was a RECORDING!! They couldn't even have a real live human being call me, no they had some automated bitch do it! "If you wish to discuss this, please call us at 1-800-notworthaliveperson."

We're still switching.


Sherry said...

Are you serious??? A freaking recording to keep your business? Dang straight I would switch too, that is soooooooooooo wrong. I hate automated calls!!
Good for you switching and getting a great package deal.
I am toooooooooo chicken to switch, me a creature of habit guess it goes for the internet, phone etc too.
You go girl haha you should record a message as to why you switched and mail it to them!!!!! ahahaha

Beckie said...

I had one of those calls today too from our cable company that we recently ditched. It made me mad and I hung up on the automated bitch. It made me feel SO good.

I finally got my new site up Stop by and check it out in all of your spare time.

That Chick Over There said...

Dooooooooooouche baaaaaaaags!

We switched recently too.

Plenty Of... said...

We switched about a year ago. (Waiting to see what happens with he bill when it gets out of the "signup incentive" is past. The service and all has definitely been worth it! LOVE being able to call nationwide FREE with no time of day factor!!

Amy W said...

That is hilarious.

Honi said...

ha we switched our satalite service we had direct tv.. one of the recievers quiet working .. and to repair it they wanted a TON of money that was not going to happen for them.. we had been customers for 10 years.. so i bailed on them went to DIsh .. and love it.. we got a free DVR and those things are fun .. great service.. DiretV is still hassling me to this day to switch back.. its been several months now.. the day after we switched the offered to fix everything for free.. TOOO LITTLE TO LATE.. however I must say u win..

Rachel said...

I would have switched too. We used to have slowsky here at work and they offered us faster service blah blah blah. We did it and after paying for it for a damn year, realized that we weren't any faster because our office was too far away from the server or whatever!! Needless to say, we switched!

iPost said...

Ha! Can you believe customer service now days? We just switched too. I now feel like I am in the correct decade in technology. I finally have caller id!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't do an all in one deal. That's the downside when the man of the house works for the phone company. When we decided to switch to DSL internet, our cable company came to our house and said "Hey...if we give you HD digital cable and your internet for this price through the end of 2009, will you stay?" I said sure...throw in another DVR and then show me where to sign :)

But, had some automated bitch bag called me? I'd have...well, I don't know. I wouldn't have liked it, though :)

Black Hockey Jesus said...

Machine ladies are stupid.