Friday, February 01, 2008

The Votes Are In!

So when do you think Scoop with be born and what will she weigh?

Here is how the voting is going so far:

Amy: 9lb 3 oz. Amy, any guess on the date?

Joy: Feb 9 8lb 10oz and 20 inches

Radsad: Feb 11 9lb 2 oz

Karmyn: Feb 12 8lb 12oz

Molly: Feb 13 8lb 2 oz

Mrs. Squirrel: Feb 13 8lb 7oz

Beckie: Feb 14 9lb 2oz

Kellie: Feb 14 9lb 4oz

Chick: Feb 15 8lb 11oz

Lisa: Feb 16 9lb 5oz

CPAMom: Feb 17 10 pounds even

Hannah: Feb 17 9lb 1oz

Dani: Feb 18 9lb 1oz

Emma: Feb 22 9lb 9oz

Rachel- someone else already voted what you voted- want to vote again?

There is still time to vote. There may be a prize involved. Of course it will take me four months to send it to you but eventually you would get it.

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