Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Guess what?

I’m being induced tomorrow night!


My blood pressure is still fluctuating. I am ready. And my doctor is going on vacation on Saturday. So Thursday night I will be checking in to the hospital. She probably won’t be here until Friday. I’ll probably come home on Sunday. Then, knowing me, I’ll post a week and a half from then. So if someone wants to give up their phone number, you can be graced with the super secret password to the Ice Cream Palace and post an update for me.

Of course if you give me your phone number you will have to listen to how my husband annoyed the crap out of me while I was in labor. Even though he will have done everything right, he will get no credit for it, just because I had to push a big baby out of a small place! You might want to give some serious thought to giving up that number.

Also some people have expressed interest in pictures of Scoop. I don’t post pictures of the kidlets here, I don’t think the Big Guy would like it and I have to respect that. If you want to receive a birth announcement email me your address and I will be happy to send you one! My email is icecreammama(at)gmail(dot)com.

See you after baby!!

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