Friday, December 15, 2006

So many of my favorite people are moving out of Blogger. The beta version is driving some crazy. I am using Beta. I had only been on Blogger for a few posts when Miss Zoot asked for some beta volunteers to try out a new template. Well, I love Zoot's designs so I jumped at that. (Hey, I'm a girl, I like pretty and Zoot does pretty so well.)

Anyway, a lot of people are moving out and are very happy with their new homes and all of the cool things that come with them. So I decided to check out Wordpress. Well, of course I really liked it. It seems like you can do so much with it. Hell, I may even be able to figure out how to link my NaBloPoMo button on Wordpress. I said to self, "We're moving on out, to a deluxe apartment...."

Looky here, you can import your old blog into your new blog. Hot dog, that's just great! I love it here....what?!....cannot import from Blogger beta.

Now what? Do I still move & figure out some way to bring stuff over? Cut and paste? I barely have time to blog, never mind cut & paste. Is there any other way to bring stuff over? Should I stay here at Blogger? But I can have a pretty ice cream header over there. Should I look elsewhere?

Help! What should I do?


Amy W said...

I am looking into doing the same thing, please let me know what you find out!

julianna said...

I actually didn't intend to move out! But Chickadee designed the new template for me and then we couldn't get blogger to take it.. and she offered to host my blog for me off of her blog. I am paying her, but not much. You may consider asking her for help :) I really can't afford to go all typepad and domain named at the moment. .maybe when i get more than 200 readers per day I'll think about it. i'm at 98 right now.