Friday, December 29, 2006

Irritated & Indesicive

Blogger is really irritating me. I'm having problems posting comments on other people's blogs. I had trouble signing in. I hate my job this time of year. I can't even blame my irritation on PMS. I spent an hour last night cutting & pasting to WordPress, since I'm using new Blogger I can't just import everything. My site here is so pretty I hate to lose it. So in addition to being irritated, I am also indecisive. What's a girl to do? Someone please tell me.


wopalockapino said...

Your comment came through on mine. Thank you for the kind words. I changed my title because I want my personality to come through a little more. Motherhood and being a wife took me by surprise. I didn't realize they would be so hard.

The camera was on my oldest son's wish list and I waited too long to get it so when it comes around again I'll be ready.

A neighbor of ours came up with the name combo. I loved it so much I took it as my own. LOL

Kellie said...

Switch to done with Blogger. I've had no problems in my short time at is too bad you're in Beta and can't import your existing for pretty sites at WP...a lot of the templates have a customizable header (like mine) can upload your own image. Good Luck..

CPA Mom said...

I wish I knew the answer. I'll be switching to Word Press too (Thanks for the recommendation!). Do you know Mrs. CPA? She helps me with blogging stuff like this. Maybe she has some ideas??