Friday, December 29, 2006

I'm Outta Here

Well Blogger ate the 2006 meme I swiped from All & Sundry. It took me forever to do that thing and I had some fun doing it. Well I don't know what happened, some bizarro error. I managed to retrieve it but after all the negatives this week, I'm moving out.

My new site is

Stop on over. I will be updating my blog roll as soon as possible and importing the rest of this site. Damn NaBloPoMo. I have an entry for every day of November to cut and paste. I'm not going to even try to import your lovely comments because I am lazy.

So coming to the new and improved Ice Cream Mama site in 2007:
More lame writing!!
More half assed pictures!!
Weight Loss!! Oh God please weight loss!!
And Much, Much More!!

New Year, New Site

Happy New Year everyone! Be safe!!

(What's with the exclamation points? I need some sleep!)


Hairline Fracture said...

Have fun over at wordpress! And here's to all the new stuff coming up in 2008.

Sherry said...

YAHOO I can check out all the links you put on here now.
See I followed you!! :)