Monday, November 20, 2006

Where I Take the Easy Way Out

Once again Julianna has a question. Once again I take the easy way out. Yup, I am extremely lazy today.

Do you like summer better than winter? Or fall better than spring?

Well I like Summer better mostly because I hate snow. I hate driving in it, I hate walking in it and I hate playing in it, which of course the Squishy One wants to do.

Even though I have terrible allergies, I prefer Spring. I like the renewal. Spring feels like hope and a new beginning to me. Fall feels more like an ending.

Keep 'em coming.

1 comment:

julianna said...

I like spring better too. i likethe colors on the trees in fall, but that's about it. I hate cold but I love sweaters.

How do you feel about sweaters?