Wednesday, November 08, 2006

More on the Mythical Creature

The doctor came back from vacation, checked out my films and said, "Why of course, Ice Cream Mama, I would love to jam a 22 gauge needle into your neck several times and suck some cells out!"

Not really. I don't think that was glee in his secretary's voice, but it could have been. Anyway the biopsy is scheduled for the first available appointment, Wednesday, November 22. Yes, the day before Thanksgiving hoo-frickin-ray! I wonder how many days it will take for the pathology department to awaken from a tryptophan induced coma to check my cells out? I wonder if my throat will be too sore to indulge in my own tryptophan coma? If the turkey is as dry this year as it was last year, that might not be a bad thing. I wonder, exactly how big is a 22 gauge needle? Do I really want to know? Will I embarrass myself and cry like a baby? And the $64,000.00 question...will it be dun dun duunn malignant?

I have soooo much to look forward to.


julianna said...

I'm needle-phobic, so they would have to give me something to sit through it. I can guarantee I would be so much mroe of a baby than you!!!

CPA Mom said...

same size needle as my breast biopsy I think. it will hurt like a bitch and crying is fine.

then eat all you want on Thanksgiving. You deserve it.