Sunday, November 12, 2006

Let Us Pray

It is Sunday after all.
I pray that my children grow up healthy and happy.
I pray that my husband is also healthy & happy.
I pray that it is not cancer.
I pray that I can quit smoking.
I pray that I can lose weight.
I pray that with the new officials we have elected this country will change for the better.
I pray for the safety of our soldiers.
I pray for our soldiers' families, especially the wives/husbands who are holding things down at home.
I pray that I can change some of the things that need changing.
I pray that things that happened this week can be resolved for the good of all.
I pray for my friend in her special circumstance (you know who you are).

Lord, hear my prayers, please.


julianna said...

Hey, so I was wondering if you are from a military family? Just curious :) Sometimes, I figure this is what it's like to be a military wife. I've actually felt I can identify with it so much mroe, but sometimes I face some opposition to this :) I pray that everything you have asked for will be granted in His name, Ameen.

Bethany said...

No, not from a military family. My father was in the service but that was before he even met my mother. I can see how your situation is similar though.