Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I Never Said I Was Graceful

Here's an entry for the Dumb Ass Mama files. I think I jinxed myself with yesterday's post.

I worked half day yesterday to make up for time lost during Vomitfest 2006. When I got home Squishy wanted to see her Nana. God forbid they go three days without seeing each other. I put her in the booster seat, took a step back, caught my foot on the curb and almost screamed because of the pain. I sat down and it eased up so we went to my mother's. While we were there the pain increased a little bit but it was still no big deal. Did I go home and put my foot up? Why no, I went to the grocery store. Of course it was packed with stressed out, nasty people. Half way through my list I thought I was going to cry, it hurt that much. I hobbled out with a women behind me complaining "Why can't some people walk a little faster?" And Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

Anyway, to make a long story short- I went to the emergency room. Thank God it's not broken. I tore the ligaments on the top and side of my foot. Let me tell you, this hurts worse than when I broke my leg. Is that weird or what? The doctor told me if I stayed off the foot & kept it elevated and iced for 3-5 days it should be fine. I laughed at him and asked how long will it take to heal if I don't stay off it. For some reason he didn't think this was funny. But it is reality- I have a three year old for Pete's sake.

Things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving Eve:
It's not broken.
It's my left foot so I can still drive.
The pain in my foot is helping to keep my mind of the biopsy this afternoon.


vamom7678 said...

Sorry about your foot!!!!ouch, Hope everything turns out well for you and Thanksgiving Day is a good one

julianna said...

Oh, that sucks!

I was once behind someone who was walking pretty slow, and the people behind me made the same comment, only to have the person in front of me turn around and say "Sorry I am inconveniencing you..." which was the exact moment that we all noticed she only had ONE LEG. OMG. The mortification of the people behind me.