Wednesday, November 09, 2011

What a Day

In the first five minutes that I was awake, I had to clean up dog pee.  I went into the bathroom, came out and there was dog pee.  What the hell, dog? 

Gave the girls breakfast, made sure all school stuff was ready and off to the bus.

Then I took the dog for a walk.  I should say, I took the dog for a drag.  She just did not want to lift those paws and move.  What the hell, dog?

Then I had that event all woman look forward to- the annual gynecological exam!  No details.  It sucked, as usual.

Then, off to work.  But, first, I had to navigate through douchebag alley.  Seriously, every douchebag in the world was on that road today.

Work.  Nuff said.

Grocery store to get a few things for my neighbor who is also battling cancer.

Dinner was gross.  One of those easy, frozen skillet meals.  I had coupons but so not worth it.

Big Guy went to neighbor's to give her groceries.  Long story short.  I had to call her daughter to take her to hospital.

Try to get some stuff done here.  Moving slowly...

Not thrilled with this new Top Chef earn a jacket thing.

Ugh, that's it.  Going to bed.

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Karmyn R said...

Cleaning up dog pee first thing in the morning is pretty much a guaranteed bad day.

We have to have a baby gate up for our old dog. If he is locked up with us in our bedroom, he'll wake us up (or hold it all night). If he has access to the house - he pees in the sunroom. It is frustrating.