Thursday, November 10, 2011


I just started my third and final year of college.  I cannot wait to be done.  I go to a state college that is completely online.  This college does not have the typical fall/spring 16 week semester set up.  At this college, terms start on the first of every month and last 12 weeks. 

The terms of my financial aid say I have to take at least two classes in the terms that begin September 1, December 1, March 1, and June 1.  Between class terms can be any where from three to twelve days.  There are 11 weeks of active classwork and the last week is finals week.

I am now at the tail end of the September term.  I have 3 assignments and a case study due by Sunday.  Next week is the finals week.  The finals go live Saturday night.  The sooner I take the exam, the sooner I can start my break.  I really, really need a break.

The problem?  I am exhausted and just cannot think.  I have no motivation to get the stuff done.  My house is a disaster area, my job sucks,  my kids have colds and now the Big Guy isn't feeling well.  My stress level is through the roof. 

Ugh.  If I keep going it's just going to turn into a bitchfest and frankly, I am too tired to get that worked up tonight.  I guess I'll go stare at a textbook now.


Karmyn R said...

Don't get Senioritis now! You can do it, girl! You are almost done. Hang in there - the house can get cleaned later.

Never That Easy said...

I'll wish you luck on your finals - I know it's hard to focus, but you're getting so close!