Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Well, Hey There!

It was never my intention to disappear for almost  seven months. 

I intended to do the obligatory New Year's post where I list all the things I want to do for the year. (Lose weight, take care of myself, the usual crap that should be done normally and not require some special list or resolution.)

I intended to gush over the little's birthdays.  (Sis turned 20. Ebaby turned 8.  Scoop turned 3.)

I intended to talk about how wonderful and annoying and cute and kind and loving and unlistening the littles are.  (Seriously cute, kind, loving and wonderful but holy hell, how many times do I have to say the same thing over and over again?)

I intended to tell everyone about the dog we adopted from a local rescue.  (Why, yes I am allergic to dogs.  But sometimes the perfect mutt comes along and you take one for the sick husband.)

I had intended to blog all of those things.

Instead, I have just been trying to get by. 

Work, school, Big Guy's cancer, my thyroid, money, major issue with oldest and all of the emotional crap that goes along with all of this.  It's all been quite overwhelming.

I'll try not to take seven months before the next update.


Anonymous said...

Glad for an update! Happy for the good stuff! Sympathy for the sucky stuff.

Dani said...

Glad to hear you're around and getting by. I can't believe Ebaby is 8!!! Good to hear an update. I hope the good stuff gets better and the not so good looks up as well.