Monday, August 22, 2011


Three weeks ago Big Guy had a PET scan to see how things are going. Long story short... His oncologist wanted him to go back to the Big City Cancer Hospital.  Oncologist has nothing left in his bag of tricks and I guess was hoping Big City Cancer Hospital would have something.

We went to BCCH last Wednesday.  Let me just throw this in here- I have come to hate highway driving.  I don't mean I dislike it a little, I mean I detest it.  I am also the world's worst passenger.  Seriously, you do not want me as a passenger.  My anxiety levels are high already, add in highway driving/passenging and, let's just say it ain't pretty.

Back to BCCH.  After the never ending drive due to all the major road construction that was every where, we saw the same doc we saw back in October.  Long story short... they were having a hard time merging the CAT scan & PET scan.  They needed to see that before figuring out what to do.  The doc will call by sundown Friday.  Another aside- Big Guy doesn't tell me everything.  He likes to make things sound rosy and sparkly.  Fine, it's how he gets by.  I need to know the realistic scenario not the one with unicorns.  Friday I was at work so I have no idea what the whole conversation with the doc was, just what Big Guy wanted to tell me. 

Long story short... believe me, it may not seem like it, but this is the short version,  Big Guy has to go back to BCCH for a bronchoscopy.  They couldn't tell what was going on from the scans.  This doesn't surprise me as the cancer never showed on the CAT scans before.  He has several scans last year when they were trying to figure out why he was coughing blood.  The tumor never showed on any of them.  The doctor found it by doing a bronchoscopy.

So, tomorrow we are off to BCCH again. 

Accepting all spare xanax.


Anonymous said...

Good luck. I'm still sending all spare prayers your way. Sucks that you don't know the whole extent of everything. That would drive me bonkers.
Take lots of deep breathes and try not to hyperventilate or hurt anyone while on the highway. If you need to vent or talk, send me a line.

Karmyn R said...

I'm still praying too. How frustrating that they don't have answers for you.

That is the thing I hated the most - having to be on the doctor's time scale and them not being on mine!!

And yes - I'm sick of freeway driving myself. I think people have gone crazy. As much as I've had to drive up to Portland (a 90 minute freeway drive) I've seen some crazy shit. My husband drives it every day - he's gotten to the point where he just gets in in the slow lane and lets everyone else battle.