Monday, March 01, 2010

Spring Giving

I want to let all four of you know about this really great event. Ok, it took me about five minutes to even come up with that sentence; it's been a super crap day so I'm going to make this short & sweet. Click through the links for excellent posts (then come back and read my crap).

AndreAnna is getting ready to move far, far away. She is donating a ton of stuff to a great cause here in New Jersey.
Jill was inspired.
Jill texted AndreAnna.
AndreAnna called (or emailed or texted, whatever) Cass because, as AndreAnna says, "she's as attached to me as my very own ass" (which is one of the best lines ever).
Behold! Spring Giving is born!


The mission is to clear out the stuff you don't need & give it to someone who does. Find a church, women's shelter, homeless shelter, your choice. On April 1st post your giving adventure. Then head over to AndreAnna's and link up your post.

Some crazy crap goes viral on the web; pass this along and let's see if we can outdo grannies on rollercoasters or KFC coupons!


Anonymous said...

I love when we can write blog posts that have a serious side to them and yet we do them in a funny ass way.


Karen Foster said...

I love this idea! Philanthropy is a huge part of my blog! People can save time and check out the Courier Post (South NJ) Volunteer page (usually page 3 section c) on a Sunday for a wish list of organizations and what they are looking for :)

CassJustCurious said...

I'd like that figure to be updated to FIVE. I'm not a reader :-)

I love that you joined us!

(I say that with love as I have 3 readers that aren't actually blood relatives!)

brett said...

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