Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Because She Told Me To

Just for you, Chica. I miss you too.

I've been a bit down lately given that the Big Guy and I are still unemployed. It's getting really, really old. But you don't want to hear me bitch (and if you do, call me!).

What's a mama to do? Bullets!

  • Got this email from my accounting professor: "Hi Beth,
    You received the highest grade in the class. Congratulations!!"
  • Guess I can do this back to school thing after all.
  • I've been trying to cut my grocery bill. Last week I got $475 worth of groceries for $146.
  • I rock the coupons, baby!
  • Even the big guy was impressed with that one.
  • The Big Guy put some lights on the house and when Scoop saw them she squealed and said "Dada" in a way that made you think he had just invented fire.
  • She is going to be so much fun this year!
  • The tree will go up this weekend. I can only take so many days of, "Don't touch that. Stay away from the tree!"
  • Sis is home from her first semester at college. She got three of her grades: A, A & A-. Whew!
  • Ebaby has her first crush. In her words: "He's very handsome."
  • God, I love those kids!
  • I'm hooked on a TV show. Guess which one. Hint: "I know what we're going to do today!"

That's it for now, my friends. Back to the homework!


beach mama said...

So glad you hear from you and what's been going on. I have been a bad blogger lately...except for my meeting Bruce and all. ;)
Congrats to Sis!!
And we did lights for the first time ever on our house and the kids are loving it.
Hope you can get out of the unemployment soon, congrats to you on your class though!!

Email me. I have a FANTASTIC kids consignment store near me that I buy many of the kids stuff for Christmas. She has some really nice stuff, some brand new!

CPA Mom said...

Congrats again on the grade, you rock!

I'm loving your mad coupons skillz and need to take lessons.

Great job on Sis's grades too!

First crush already for Ebaby?!?!

No idea on the tv show. do tell.

did you get your Christmas card yet?

MaryP said...

Merry Christmas!

lisaschaos said...

Hope you managed to have a nice, love-filled, Christmas. I need to take coupon lessons from you!

Karmyn R said...

Happy New Year!!!

I'm thinking you need to give coupon lessons. I think they are a pain in the batooska....but, if you saved THAT much money - I need to get in on the scheme!

Anonymous said...

A) Where the HELL are you? I KNOW you're around because you've commented here and there on my crappy posts.

B) $475 worth of groceries for $146? Give lessons, my friend! Sweet Heebus.

C) Where the HELL are you? Don't make me drive down there and force you to post.

D) I'm a little late to this party, but congrats on the grade!!

E) I repeat...where the HELL are you?!

kailani said...

I noticed that this post was written a month ago. Have you or your huband found a job? Hope everything is going well.

These Nine Acres said...

It was good to hear from you! It has been a long time. I hope you and your hubby were able to find work in this difficult time. I've been thinking about you!

kailani said...

I used to think that coupons wasn't worth it but I guess I was wrong! Way to go!

Hery said...

good, i like it