Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Lots of things have happened these last four months and yet nothing has happened at all.

  • Me: Still fat, tired and unemployed with zero prospects. Have been trying to find a job with no luck whatsoever. I have called every person I ever knew and nothing. So instead I am enjoying the baby and collecting unemployment which will run out soon.
  • The Big Guy: Healthy, puts up with me and will also be unemployed on Friday. His company has done three layoffs already and Friday will be number four. He has been hustling his ass all over the place looking for something. Not only do we lose the income but our health benefits are gone too. If we want to COBRA- $975 a month. Yeah right.
  • Sis: Doing good in school and unlike her parents, she has a job. Other than that one word sums it up: Teenager.
  • Ebaby: My precious is in Kindergarten! She adores it. It seems like last week she was a babe in arms. She is getting more independent and I'm not sure I like it! She plays soccer when it isn't raining on game day. She has decided she is the one who has to teach Scoop all about life's ins and outs.
  • Scoop: Aside from a bit of congestion and a nasty diaper rash she is great. She turned nine months on Sunday and has grown so much. She is the happiest baby I have ever encountered. Seriously, she laughs and smile almost constantly. She has Daddy wrapped around her whole hand. Saturday he looked at her and said "Hi baby." She shot right back, "Hi Dahdee". I thought we were both going to fall over! Not a fluke she says it to him all the time now. She finally started crawling last week and got her first two teeth then too.

There it is, the last four months in a nutshell. Now you're all caught up.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the job situation. How utterly shitastic the husband is losing his job, too. Makes me angry and sad all at once!

Sounds like everyone is doing well!! Please don't vanish for another 4 months!!

Lost A Sock said...

I'm so sorry about your jobs! That's got to be so stressful for you guys. (I'm great with the obvious, what can I say?) Seriously, though, I do hope one of the two of you, or both, find something soon.

Your kids sound so adorable. Kindergarten is wonderful and scary all at the same time, isn't it? Also, months 9 thru 11 are my absolute favorite time with babies. Enjoy. I will soon enough, too. :o)

Beckie said...

Scoop is nine months old already!?

$975/mo for Cobra - ouch...

john.g. said...

What's COBRA?

KarmynR said...

9 months and talking! Wow!!

COBRA is so damn expensive. I don't know how anyone can afford it. Hopefully a job will show itself soon for the both of you!

Kila at momto3cubs said...

Your youngest sounds like a blast! My youngest is also happy and smiling, and keeps us all laughing.

About the job searching, have you tried temporary employment agencies? Many companies hire through them only, since it's an easy and less risky way for them to find potential employees and try them out.

Most of the jobs I've had started out through the temporary agencies, and then I would be hired on after 8 weeks or 12 weeks.

Christy said...

Glad to hear the kids are dong well. They do sound just adorable. Sorry about the job situation for both of you. I know it is tough at the moment, but it will bring you together and make you stronger in the end.

CPA Mom said...

I read about your hubby's company in our paper yesterday - their latest layoffs - and told my hubby "Oh. Shit." I just knew.

Seems like that's all I can say. "Oh.Shit." You are the second blogger I know with this job situation. Makes my whining over my job look stupid.

(((HUGS))) Maybe you should move south. our COL is much lower!

Rachel said...

UGH! I am so very sorry to hear about the job situations! I know that this must be so stressful for you and The Big Guy. I'm glad, though, that everyone is healthy and doing well.

And, so glad that you're back!! I've missed you.

Need anything, you know how to reach me.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, how did Scoop get to be 9months old? wow.

Sorry to hear about the job situation. I'm also on board with trying out the temp agencies. I got hired through one and we're looking at hiring someone through one right now. Also, since hubby lost his job (two weeks ago) he's been looking at a few and already has some prospects.

We missed you. Glad to hear the kids are happy and doing well!