Monday, June 02, 2008

Fun Monday- I Made It Myself

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Hooray for Fun Monday! Oh how I’ve missed you! Thankfully Robin keeps track of everything so I knew just where to find you!

Karisma is this week’s hostess. Her challenge is:

I MADE IT MYSELFI think the title pretty much says it all, but for those of you who may still be wondering, I would like to see or hear about things you have made with your own two hands (or feet, Im not fussy!) We all have different talents and abilities, maybe you like to sew or knit, chisel or sculpt, draw or paint? Whatever your talent is, please share it with us this week.
Da Rules…..
Well there are not any really! But you know, we all know that you made your kids so lets NOT choose them this time. (After all you did not make them with your hands or feet did you?)
And for those of you who are freaking out because you make “everything” with your hands, how about you just choose a few of your favourites!)
Those of you who are freaking out because “You never make things with your hands”. Get off your lazy butt and make something! You have four days… get to it! (You could always bake a cake!) The possibilities are endless!

Something I’ve made? But not my kids? Crap the best things I’ve made are my kids! Well, there was that kick ass caramel cheesecake but it didn’t last long enough for a picture.
I’ve got it!

Behold…The Mess I Made With My Own Two Hands!

Some of you may remember this mess from my list of New Year’s resolutions (from, uh, last year). I resolved to clean out what is supposed to become a half bath. Instead I have crapped it up even more. This is an old picture and doesn’t even show half of it. I’m too busy making an ass imprint in my sofa to take another picture.

Thanks for coming by, go check out the much more creative people!

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