Friday, May 16, 2008


Just fooling around with Blogger since I can't access my Wordpress blog and the Support place doesn't open for another 15 minutes.

Checking out the changes here. Why am I talking to myself? I don't think anyone comes here any more.

If anyone is reading this, what do you think: Blogger or Wordpress?
Maybe someone could make me a cool Blogger design. You know, for free.


Emma in Canada said...

Frankly, I prefer blogger. I got my blog design from free blog skins, though I do have someone working on one for me for free.

Thanks for the adding me to your blogroll. These small things make me so happy!

Officially announcing myself as a Loser.

Anonymous said...

I was with Blogger and then moved to WordPress. I've had some issues with WP that have made me want to jump ship. I'm a sissy, though.

Wherever you go, I shall follow.