Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's Time

This weekend I was walking on the sidewalk in front of a stripmall. I saw my reflection in the store window and determined that my ass needs its own zip code. Combined with Ebaby’s lovely question I have decided it is time to jump back on the weight loss wagon. I’m not going to make any “Weight Loss Wednesday” or “Fat Ass Friday” commitments though. I’m just going to post when I’ve actually lost weight. Maybe not even then. Who knows?

Before I got pregnant my goal was to lose 100 pounds before I turned 40. At the time that gave me two years. Totally doable- about one pound a week. Now? It’s a year later and I have gained weight. Is anyone really surprised? After I had Scoop I was thrilled because I lost all of my baby weight in three weeks. To be honest, I only gained twenty pounds and had a nine pound four ounce baby and assorted fluids and stuff come out all at once. It was great! Then I went on the mental medicine. And was still depressed. And gained back all twenty pounds. Needless to say I feel like crap. So now I have 120 pound to lose and I will be 39 in August. One hundred twenty pounds in 60 weeks? That’s only 2 pounds a week so I supposed I can still do it. Can you feel the confidence oozing from me?

I will be breaking out my Weight Watchers At Home kit I got before getting knocked up. WW seems to work really well for me. (Though if Jenny Craig wants to send me free meals, I’ll be happy to blog all about it.)

Wish me luck. Cause, honey, I’m gonna need it!

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