Wednesday, December 06, 2006

White House Christmas

I just watched HGTV's White House Christmas special. Some random thoughts:
  • I need 50 people to come decorate my house.
  • How much did all of that cost?
  • Wait, did I just pay for all of that?
  • No wonder taxes are so high.
  • Does the president ever eat a cookie right off the Oval Office Christmas tree?
  • It's all very beautiful, but impersonal. I would miss all of the ornaments that have meaning to my family.
  • Do the First Dogs ever crap in the foyer?
  • Who cleans it up?
  • What do you do with a 300 lb. gingerbread White House when the holidays are done?
  • If the White House decorates for Christmas, why do some retailers only say holiday?
  • Why doesn't the White House have a menorah or other symbols that are not specifically Christmas?
  • Maybe they do but since it was a Christmas special they didn't mention them.
  • When is the White House Hanukkah special on?
  • Or Kwanzaa?
  • Or whatever?
  • Since it is Christmas they decorate for, where is the manger scene?
  • Is this a separation of Church & State issue?
  • Do I need to get a life?
  • Or just do laundry?
  • Am I ready for Christmas?
  • No
  • Where does the First Lady shop for gifts?
  • It sure ain't Target or Walmart.


CPA Mom said...

sorry...can't comment right now...laughing too hard

Amy W said...

50 people wouldn't fit in my house.

I have a White House Christmas ornament, that's as close as I will get to being professionally decorated.