Friday, November 24, 2006

Why Not Green Friday?

I mean that is the color of money, right?

I'm not a shopper on a good day never mind on a day called Black Friday. Even if I wasn't hobbling around on crutches I still wouldn't be out there at 5:00 in the morning. There is not much that would induce me to get out of my bed before 5 AM. I highly value my sleep!

Needless to say, my children will not be getting the Wii or the Sega 5 Gazillion or whatever the hell it is because I also don't camp out for anything at anytime.

I have no idea what to get my 15 (16 in January) year old step daughter. I always think I have something good for her but no. Last year we got her an MP3- she never uses it. A few years ago we got her an electric pencil sharpener as a stocking stuffer & I swear that has turned out to be the gift of the decade. Who would have figured? Any ideas?

There are about 3 thousand things I see for the little one. Problem is- I'll be tired of playing with 2999 after about ten seconds but she'll want to play for hours.

I am so not ready for Christmas this year.


wopalockapino said...

I have no ideal what to get anyone either. I went out today and bought stuff for me! LOL! My 10 y.o. nephew is hard for me I think I might just look at the 10 most dangerous toy list and pick something from there.

Jill said...


Bethany said...

For a minute there, I thought you found out my secret!