Friday, November 17, 2006

Too Tired to Think of a Title

Well, Vomitfest 2006 continues.

When I signed up to post every day I figured it would be a good little time occupier, something besides flipping through 185 useless channels. What I didn't take into consideration was that when I want to so something the forces of the universe invariably conspire against me. Who the hell would have figured on biopsies, all the doctor bs that led up to that, sick kids, extra work hours and other unnamed things that are sucking the life out of me.

Of course my Type A personality won't let me say, "So sorry NaBloPoMo just can't do it."
Noooo, I have to post, I said I would post and dammit I will post! What the hell is wrong with me?! We are about half way through the month, be prepared for even more scintillating posts from Ye Olde Ice Cream Shoppe.

When it's all over I'll go back to my intended 3-4 posts a week and maybe, just maybe they will be good ones- no promises.


Jbeeky said...

I hear ya-it gets slim pickin's. Thanks for checking out chez site!

julianna said...

So have you ever watched "Life Aquatic?" That can be your next post. "Yes, I have watched 'Life Aquatic'," or "No, I have no watched 'Life Aquatic.'" :)