Monday, November 04, 2013

Fun Monday!

I saw Kathy's post about Fun Monday and I had to join in. I loved Fun Monday.

The assignment is to post your favorite plant.

Here are my two plants- Herman and Lily. The lily is Herman and the cactus is Lily. We got Herman as a gift when my brother-in-law died. E named him Herman for some reason. Two years ago friends of ours moved away and gifted us their cactus. It was in pretty rough shape and just doesn't want to come back. I haven't killed it yet but it isn't exactly thriving either.

I knew I posted about Herman before. Exactly seven years ago today. Odd.


Nikki said...

So glad to know I'm not the only one who names her plants.

Swampwitch said...

There is something very special about a lady who names her plants. My multiple personality cactus looked very much like yours many years ago. HINT: If that's a glass pot, use a hammer and crack it open unless it's from the Ming Dynasty. That way you don't have to try and lift it out by the plant. Gently shake off a little of the soil. Set it into a larger pot with fresh potting soil. Make sure the new soil covers the bottom and comes up high on the sides. Dig a little hole for the cactus and pat it down. Water lightly. Put it in as east window. You'll be surprised. If you do this and it dies, don't tell me.

ChrisB said...

I would just add to what Swampy has said also give some feed, I read that you let them get very dry then water and feed and this encourages them to bloom. I don't have green fingers so might not work !!

Pamela said...

My zygote cactus is 55 years old --
I have it in an east window / with only early morning light (but it sat in my moms southwest window)
I have it in a clay pot
I water it once a week. It gets a lot of darkness in the early winter -- and I
think that prompts the blossom cycle
but who knows.

karisma said...

I love that they have names. Sweet. I have a lily just like that which is currently living on the front porch as the kitten kept trying to eat it. Apparently Lily's are poisonous to cats. This did not appear to stop her and the poor lily was suffering.

karmyn R said...

I think those cactus grow super slow.

I love the names. I have named my chickens, but I've never named a plant!