Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Prayers

My prayers today:

  • that the Big Guy's cancer is gone and he recovers from this surgery
  • that he doesn't pick up the cold the girls have, me either
  • that the girls get rid of their colds
  • that I don't go crazy
  • that I can get a job when I finish this degree
  • that my friend K would know which way to go with some things in her life 

What can I pray for you?


Emma said...

Just caught up...whew! Saoirse has a little hanging in her room that says " If you're handed it, you can handle it." you are living proof this is true, even if some days it may not feel like it!

Kellie said...

Sweet Hell...I hope you and the BG don't get this cold! My kids have had it for three weeks (Jonah needed meds; Morgan did not) and I just came down with it last week. It SUCKS!

Emma's comment? Loving it!!