Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Follow Up

We went out to Philly for the Big Guy's follow up today.  The lymph nodes the surgeon took out of his chest had NO cancer in them!!! 

There are precancerous cells in the area where they closed up the tube to his non-existent lung.  I'm pretty freaked about that since it was the thing the local pulmonologist was concerned about.  The surgeon says he is not concerned, he thinks it will "clear up".  Um, it never "cleared up" before, I mean we aren't talking about a zit here.  The Big Guy is happy with what the surgeon said, so let's keep my little worry between up, 'kay?

He has to go back tomorrow to meet with the oncologist to decide if there will be any chemo.  I'm thinking with the precancerous cells that chemo will be had.  Let's kill those sumbithces.

I'll post about the follow up to the follow up tomorrow.

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Karmyn R said...

I don't like that either, B - precancerous cells will clear up? um...Okay, we'll pray about it!!!

It is still wonderful news that his lymph nodes were clear. Awesomeness.