Friday, November 18, 2011


Three weeks ago I lost a filling.  I called the dentist right away but they were not able to get me in until this past Tuesday.  Thankfully the tooth had already had a root canal so it did not hurt. They were so busy I was told even if I was in pain they wouldn't have been able to get me in any sooner. 

I just lost another filling.  In a tooth that has not had a root canal.  At 9:30.  On a Friday night.  Right before a holiday week.  A holiday that involves food.  Good food.  Lots of it. 

When do you think the dentist will get me in this time?  And will I get to enjoy my first time hosting Thanksgiving?

Oh yeah...we don't have dental.  Guess we'll get the medical tax deduction again this year.

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Karmyn R said...

On No!

There is some natural law that says these things have to happen at the worst times. I don't know if it is Murphy's or not. Maybe we'll call them Beth's Laws!

(but of course - is there really a convenient time for it to happen?)