Monday, September 13, 2010

Fun Monday

The lovely Sayre is the host for September. The topic is:

Sept 13 - (changed from original challenge) What is your favorite part of YOUR body and why? You may also talk about your least favorite, but it is not required.

I wonder why she has such emphasis on the "your"? Was she afraid I would comment on her body? I've never seen her body so I couldn't, with any confidence, comment on it. I'm sure it's quite nice though.

I never really thought about the favorite part of my body, have lots of unfavorites though. I like my hair because it feels nice (when it's clean). I like my eyes because they may look like your basic shit brown eyes but if you look close enough you'll see they have interesting little flecks of yellow. This may sound strange but I like the tiny freckle on my lower eyelid. Mostly I like it because Ebaby has a matching one!

I guess that's it, see you next week.


Sayre said...

I wanted to know about YOU as opposed to a general favorite body part (I'm a boob man, butt man, leg man kind of thing). People have a love/hate relationship with themselves and I wanted to have people focus on what they LOVE about themselves. Some people will focus on what they hate anyway, which is why I requested that they balance it with a loved part.

Your eyes sound wonderful - I like eyes as a rule, but the truly interesting ones have a little something extra - like yellow flecks!

Thanks for playing - I posted your link on my blog!

Molly said...

Hello Bethany...Long time
I love your answer. My eyes are blue but have rays of brown. Your comment made me remember to appreciate my eyes.

Jill said...

My hubby has hazel eyes. I always said they were sunflower eyes because they can be brown with green starbursts around the pupil, making it indeed look like he has sunflowers in his eyes. I love seeing my daughter's freckles as they emerge, and seeing her try and count her daddies, which are in overabundance this year as he took his shirt off while mowing a few times. He's got the kind of skin that multiplies in teeny freckles and blends in with his tan... until you get up close!

Honib1 said...

hmmm.. it would have to be my eyes.. they are brown but if you ask the doctor the call them golden brown.. because they have flecks of gold in them... I also have unusual eyes .. because my eyes are big.. the top lid tends to drop over the iris a little and consequently I have faded to muted green little quarter moons .. if you to be standing close to me and my eyes have to be open really wide or i have to lift the upper lid a little for it to be seen.. it happened because over time the iris was not getting oxygen to that particular part of it.. its kinda strange looking lol.

Kellie said...

It's been over a month. Post please. Tick frickety tock.