Thursday, April 16, 2009


You would think being unemployed would give me lots of time to do things. You'd be wrong. I think I had more time when I had a job. I actually just managed my time better. Plus wallowing in self pity takes a lot of time and energy.

My friends, I am tired of wallowing!

Welcome to the Ice Cream Mama Rejoins The World Party! Tell your friends! Tell your co-workers! Tell your mom!

To get this party started I want to hear your surefire way to beat the blues and get your butt in gear! How do you get out of the slumps and dumps? Please don't say chocolate I am trying to lose this ass.

I want comments people (and I'm obviously not shy about asking for them) (and yes I know I'm probably down to 3 readers) (but, dude, the girl needs some love, send some please) (enough with the freakin parenthesis already).

So leave me your ideas and tomorrow I'll tell you what I've been up to that involves actual showering and house leaving.


Natalie said...

I usually do something small for ME. Like go to the thrift stores and find a new book or shirt. Does not have to be expensive and a lot of the tim eI leave with nothing, but just getting out by myself (or with girlfriends) boosts my mood.

CPA Mom said...

I buy something. sadly,shopping lifts my mood, it doesn't even have to be something for me, in fact, sending it to someone else makes me feel the best. I say sadly since I'm so damn poor.

other than that, I need the ideas too because truly, the blues are overtaking me! Gloom, depair and agony on me (name that 70's show)

Honi said...

Playing outside with my pups helps me.. and there is always food which is really not a good alternative . Talking to my friends or my husband helps too.. and developing a plan of action helps too.. wishing u lots of luck!

Karmyn R said...

Weeding in the garden. I know that sounds crazy but there is nothing more satisfying then seeing a completely cleared flowerbed - makes me feel like I really accomplished something.

Mrs. CPA said...

Kiss babies. They don't even have to be your own. Pick random ones on the street. All the exercise you'll get running from the cops will also help lift your mood!

Erica said...

I lost my job and wallowed for quite a while. Then one morning I decided enough was enough. So I started by getting up every morning before the kids and husband, walking and then having a cup of coffee and just enjoying the quiet, then I would force myself to shower, put on make-up and nooooooo stretchy pants and sloppy t-shirts, and face the day. It helped. Then every day I would only allow myself to look online for one hour (0bsessed w/ finding a job) or apply for jobs I had found the day before. Also I took a lot of pictures and walks. Good luck. It sucks, especially when your whole routine is changed so dramatically.

Anonymous said...

Shower. Everyday. Put make-up on. Everyday. Do your hair. Everyday. I can't say ignore yoga pants and tank tops because I wear them everyday.

For me, it's yoga. Or hitting the treadmill. Nothing lifts my funk more than running 4 or 5 miles on the treadmill.

It's also doing something for ME. Whether it's buying a new shirt or a pair of jeans or getting my nails done or taking two hours and going off to take pictures. Anything for ME.


Sherry said...

I haven't worked in years. Wallowed in self pity when I couldn't walk normal, then wallowed when I found out it was permanent, etc etc. BUT then realized it's mind over matter. I sew, exercise, jigsaw puzzles, email, take care of mama, bake, bake and bake Then of course when I bake bake bake, I have to eat, eat eat. Which then I have to exercise, see the cycle? But time flies and before I know it the day, week, month year is gone. :)

CPA Mom said...

Did I miss the "Ice Cream Mama Rejoins the World Party?"


SPONGEMOM SWEATPANTS (formerly Crazy Mama!) said...

Ditto to everyone else - makeup, buying something, starting a new book. I know, because I've spent a LOT of time wallowing.