Monday, January 12, 2009


A couple of months ago I read "So Many Books, So Little Time" by Sara Nelson. Sara decided to read 52 books in one year and chronicle this adventure. I thought, "Big deal, I read 46 books for the library's Summer reading program." This thought led me to ponder two things: my reading habits and the reading habits of others.

I don't know many readers. My oldest is a reader due to my forcing her to read a Babysitter's Club book when she was nine. Yup, I knew what would hook her! She's been a reader ever since. My mother is a reader. Her father was a reader. It is from them that I get my love of books. Other than them? No one. Out of all the people in my life I know three readers and one of them has been dead for over a decade. That is sad.

I have five brothers and sisters. I would bet none of them could tell you the last time they cracked open a book that wasn't for their offspring. My husband hasn't read a grown up tome since before we were married eight years ago. I'm not even sure my friend S knows what a book is! (Just kidding, S! I'll bet you still aren't going to comment though.)

Do these people know what they are missing? The adventure, the knowledge, the entertainment? I feel sorry for them. There used to be a PSA that said "Reading is Fundamental". I believe that. I believe there is nothing greater (other than the whole feeding and clothing thing) we can do for our children than to instill a love of books in them.

Don't tell me there isn't anything that interests you because that is nonsense. There are books on every possible topic out there. Fiction, non-fiction, mystery, biography, tech manuals, etc etc.
You don't have time? I call bullshit. We all make time for things, make time for reading. I don't care if it takes you two years to read two hundred pages. Read something.

OK, getting too preachy here. Stepping off soapbox.

I realize I may be a bit of a book addict. Hi, my name is ICM and I'm jonesing for the new Stephanie Snowe.

I read. A lot. I also read quickly. Like speed of light fast. This was good in school but not so good when ten books can't last two weeks (my average library jaunts). I will read just about anything. About the only thing I don't read are sappy romance novels. Now if a book has romance in addition to a plot, fine. But if the cover has Fabio and the words "heavy mound of womanhood" then, no, chances are they won't be on the bedside table. Chick lit? Yes. Bosoms like rolling hills? No.

After reading "So Many Books, So Little Time" I decided to see how many books I read in a year. So periodically I will post what I've read. I will even add a dedicated page to books read in 2009. Hey, I may even keep up with my Good Reads account! Are you on Good Reads? Friend me, I want to know what you are reading.

Are you a reader? What are you reading? Have any recommendations for me? Let me know, I'm always looking for a new book.

In a few days I will post what I have already read this year. See you later.

I had this post in draft when I read AFF's (her site isn't responding for some reason) and Karmyn's posts last week.

Re: Karmyn's post: I will absolutely reread a book. I also have a bookcase full of old realiables! We'll see how many books I read in a year.

Re: AFF: I am joining PMS. As soon as I can get her site to load I will be grabbing the button. You should too.


CPA Mom said...

Hey lady - you can count me with your reading friends - I'm an addict with books! I just read three Megan Crane books this weekend and I'm going to give copies of them away on my site!! They are ABFAB chick lit!!

I am working my hardest to make my kids readers too.

I read whenever I can (stoplights, bathroom, 5 minutes before I wipe out at night).


Mrs. CPA said...

I'm the same As CPA Mom. I take a book EVERYWHERE. I used to get teh limit at the library for the checkout period and had no problem reading them before the deadline.

My philisophy is that if you can't read while you're doing it, it's a total waste of time - ie:drying my hair, taking a shower, driving (you can do a book on tape but it's not the same)

Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

I'm excited about Chick's book, aren't you? And, you know what? I freak out that so few people want to read. It's just wrong.

Anonymous said...

Regarding "Reading Is Fundamental" PSA... do you remember which one stuck in your head?

RIF has a put a lot of their old (and new!) PSA's online:

Hope you enjoy!

Sherry said...

I love reading but sad to say haven't read in awhile. My last book to read was Twilight and I still have the other 3 in the series to read. Before I was caring for mama I would read like 2 or 3 books a week, no tv, books books books. But there will be time for reading again, I know that.
My two grandkids are avid readers now and I love it!!!!

Karmyn R said...

I will read anything - even those stupid dumb romance lits if there isn't anything better available (and no, I don't reread those - pass them on immediately after!).

I think television is the culprit - why read and use your own imagination to see the plot when the idiot box can do it for you?

Anonymous said...

I am definitely a reader. If it were up to me our house would just be mounds of books piled about. Of course hubby gets annoyed when the stack next to the bed can be used as a table.
I'm doing my best to make my son a reader too. At three, he's doing well. He'd rather sit and read books with us than anything (even watching videos yay!)
I fuss at my husband a lot too. I keep giving him things I know he would enjoy and trying to force it into him.
I just feel like I've gotten so much joy in my life through books. Why wouldn't anyone want that?

Lost A Sock said...

Reader waving her hands over here! I am almost exclusively a non-fiction type of gal, though. I've done some audiobooks more recently, but am finding that it's just not the same feeling of how a book pulls you in for the experience, ya know?

Also, I LOVED the Babysitter's Club when I was a kid. Totally going to try Marin with those if they're still around.

That Chick Over There said...

Thank you for the love!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE to read! I get between 8 and 10 books at the library and finish them all within the 30 day check out period. Morgan loves to read and I will encourage that for as long as I live.

Funny you mention The Babysitter's Club. Those were the first books I read and that's what hooked me on reading :)

I am loving that you'll post what you read. I'm always looking for something new to read and trying what someone else suggests? Totally works for my lazy ass. Means less time searching for a book in the library and more time to read :)

itsmee said...

I read too!! I love books, but I don't allow myself time to read much these days. I will still pick one up every couple of months though and it's something I want to try and fit in better. Books are brilliant.

I can't stand romance ones either, as you say, as part of a story if it fits, that's fine...but ewwww those other things, I wouldn't even use them as toilet paper.

Wendy aka gcgal

Candi said...

I love reading too and none of my friends are readers either, unless you count my online friends. I have been trying to get my husband to read for years. I think men that read are so sexy!

As for books, well I am one of the lame ones hooked on the Twilight Series and I am reading them for the second time. I have also read the Charlaine Harris vampire series. If you like vampire series, the P. C. Cast and Kristin Cast- House of Night series is good as well. Then there is the MaryJanice Davidson - Queen Betsey Series, these are funny, a bit raunchy in parts, and so much fun to read.

I can't wait to get some good recommendations from you!

Natalie said...

I am so there. I literally TWITCH if I do not have a book with me at all times. SERIOUSLY.