Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Could We Push Christmas Back A Few Days? Thanks!

I am not ready for this. Yeah, I have all the presents, 75% are even wrapped.

What I do not have is a clean house, not that I worry too much about that, but my mother-in-law is coming this afternoon for a week or forever. That is another story, one on which I will not think at this time.

I also do not have a single cookie or candy made. By now I usually have in the neighborhood of 800 cookies and dozens of candies. I'll be lucky if Santa gets an Oreo snack pack from 7-11.

I also do not have the Christmas tree up yet. Ebaby wanted to wait for Mom-mom to get here. She will get here late this afternoon/ early this evening. Hope fully it will get up tonight as I have too damn much to do tomorrow! The upside of this is I haven't had to chase Scoop away from the tree eighty-seven times a minute.

I am also light on the Christmas Spirit and I don't mean gin. Although I don't have any of that either and boy could I go for a Tom Collins right about now! Yes I know it's not even 9am but trust me on this. Anyway. With everything that has been going on I am just not into it this year. I am trying to give myself an attitude adjustment (hence the need for gin). As bad as things were these last few months some really great things happened this year too. The biggest, greatest thing being Scoop. She is the happiest, sweetest little creature I have ever met. This Christmas is going to be a blast with her and Ebaby. Even Sis will have a nice surprise from Santa. Did you know Santa is a bargain shopper? She is.

That's enough pissing and moaning (for now), I'd better get my butt in gear.


That Chick Over There said...


I loved your card! The girls are beautiful.

I hope next year is UTTERLY FABULOUS for you. You deserve some good cheer.


Kellie said...

I, too, loved your card! You have 3 beautiful girls.

As you know from my post, the Christmas spirit hasn't kicked me in the ass yet. I'm thinking with a little help from my buddy Jose, it may happen. Too bad we don't live closer--we could find the spirit together!!

There's just something about it this year that has me scratching my head (and my ass) and wondering why it's so off. I don't get it.


CPA Mom said...

Not sure if I told you, I got my card - it was in my mailbox just like I told you on the phone!

And let me tell you, this is the first year I didn't do a LICK of baking!! Instead of 4-5 cookies and bars, I did zip! Something had to give and that was it.

And it's ok. I'm stopping at the grocery tonight to get cookies for Santa and going to Cold Stone to pick up a cake for Christmas dinner! I am making a Splenda Choc. cake later but that's just because a guest on Christmas is diabetic.

Sherry said...

HOlY CRAP when did you start blogging again? I haven't checked in so long and now have been reading and reading. BAD BAD ME huh???
Now I will check here daily.
Love love the card, thank you

A Spot of T said...

Coming out of lurk mode to wish you a very Merry Christmas!!

Karmyn R said...

Have a Merry Christmas despite the cookies. I know I didn't make any either , but I do have rumcake and cakeballs