Monday, November 17, 2008

Open Letter To The United States Government

Dear President Bush, President-Elect Obama, Senators and Representatives;

After working all our lives, paying our bills and being fiscally responsible people, my husband and I both find ourselves unemployed through no fault of our own. We have been unable to find other employment. We, along with our three young children, also have no medical insurance as of December 31, 2008.

We are simple people. Our home is nine hundred square feet. We do not drive fancy cars, wear expensive clothes or take lavish vacations (any vacations, in fact). We teach our children to be good students, good stewards and good citizens. We are an indispensable part of society, as is every family.

While you are now considering bailing out the auto industry, in addition to mortgage companies and banks, I would like to request a portion of the $700 billion.

You will find my request substantially lower than others. After careful analysis of expenditures and slashing of non-essential items (I wonder if the mortgage companies, banks and auto makers can say the same), I estimate that my family of five will require $400,000. This money will enable us to pay all of our expenses and purchase health insurance (albeit the minimum coverage at approximately $1000/month) for the next ten years. Should we obtain jobs that offer health coverage we will put that money into our retirement funds which have taken a major hit in the stock market decline.

As you see, we do not require much. Some large companies have been deemed too important to the economy to let fail. Well, I say my family is too important to let fail. Please consider my request as soon as possible, my daughter needs vaccinations.

Beth A. H-----

PS. If you are unable to grant my request would you pass this along to some of those corporate CEOs who received those outrageous golden parachutes, they have money to spare.


Rachel said...

I've been saying this since they started even talking about bailing them out! I think it's complete bullshit!

There are people out here who can't pay there mortgage or put food on the table and you want to bail out a company that should have been well prepared for something like this????

CPA Mom said...

Now this is a great letter. Send it to your Letters to the Editor AND to your Senators and Congress people. Seriously.

Karmyn R said...

Ever since I can remember the auto industries have been "in trouble". About every 5-10 years they are closing factories, laying people off, and having signs of dooms.

If the government bails them out - I will be really pissed. I suspect they are jumping on the bandwagon of the banks.

And I agree with cpamom - send this to editors, your senators and congress people!!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't see any flaw in your logic, the money still gets into the system.

As for the Auto Makers, they didn't put a dollar into developing fuel efficient alternatives, now they say they are failing because they don't have any fuel efficient cars, give me a break!

WT (I wasn't logged in, and if I tried to do it now, I'd lose what I've already written, I love Blogger)

Kellie said...

Great letter! I couldn't agree more. I think it's sheer and utter crap that these companies are getting bailed out and there's so many families that are struggling just to get by.

I'm sorry for all you're dealing with. I wish I could help.