Thursday, November 20, 2008

Diaper Dilemma

For those of you who don't know (meaning most of you), we have been using cloth diapers on Scoop. No, I'm not crazy. Well maybe a little, but we are using them. We decided to use them, frankly, because they are cheaper. I'm all about cheap these days.

They aren't as bad as I thought they would be. I was prepared for some nasty, nasty clean ups but it hasn't been anything I couldn't handle. That includes when she had antibiotics for double ear infections. I confess, I put her in disposables at night. This kid pees like crazy in the night and I hate waking up at 3 am to soaking wet baby and bedding. They are kind of cute too. For some bizarre reason I already have a picture of them loaded in the computer. Perhaps I knew I would miss you too much to stay away? Take a look...

Cute, huh?

Enter the mother's nemesis: diaper rash.

A couple of weeks ago she had a terrible rash, we're talking cherry red. I hadn't changed detergent or soap or let her sit in a dirty diaper too long, so I chalked it up to teething. I put her in disposables for a few days and it cleared up. Back to the cloth. Within one day the rash was back. It looks like my cheap alternative to disposables is no longer an option.

Here's the question: Can I ask family members to give Scoop a nice package of Luvs for Christmas? It's not like she knows what presents are. I'll give her an empty box and some crumpled wrapping paper and she'll be thrilled. Or am I being too cheap? What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Sure you can. Or, ask for gift cards to Babies R Us or Target or Wal-Hell and then use them to stock up on diapers. I get the cheap thing, but avoid the store brands--they leak horribly (coming from a parent who has a kid with a tiny bladder who pees A LOT while sleeping and tried the store brands when she was 9 months old). Pampers are the only ones I go with. When she was 9 months old, I also started buying the Huggies Overnight diapers. They hold more and eliminated a diaper change before I went to bed or changing wet bedding in the middle of the night/next morning.

What size diapers? I may have a ton of various sizes left over from Morgan's younger baby days.

Mimi said...

I would!!! Who needs another stuffed animal?! Those things are expensive and if you've been coupon clipping I'd even offer to give them to the folks that might come through for you! Start googlig Luvs coupons!!!

Rachel said...

I like Kellie's idea. Ask for gift cards. Or diapers. If your family doesn't understand your situation, then they need some schooling! She is your daughter, she's 9 months old and she will have NO idea what is going on. Tell them they can save the toy type gifts for her 1st birthday, that way, maybe she will be into unwrapping things and really enjoy it.

A Spot of T said...

I don't think you're being too cheap at all. If that's what is needed then family members appreciate that. And I love the idea of the gift cards. That way you can buy what you need. Win win.

Lost A Sock said...

Ohhhhh how many times I have wished for this very same thing for Christmas, birthdays, etc. But in the end I'm told that's a gift for my husband and I, and not my baby (who needs sooooo much, you know). I am SO buying diapers for baby holidays if ever requested.

Anonymous said...

Seriously? Why not? Scoop is so not remembering the fantastic stuffed whatever she got for Christmas this year. Save that for the kids that know what Christmas is. I mean, Jeffrey's turning three this year and we're still doing Christmas low key because he's just realizing that Christmas means gifts.
Right now for you? It's all about what would make your life easier! Ask for those diapers!!

beach mama said...

so glad to see you are back. i was one of those hits every couple days. just waiting for you to come around again.
you aren't my post today. i just started some cloth diapering. money is tight over here too. luckily my hubby is a cop so he pretty much has job security...there will always be bad guys. lol.
i say ask for what you really need for christmas, gift cards are a great idea, maybe even a cheaper store than BRU - try target or wallhell, plus it's closer to us and you dn't have to use too much gas to get up there.
poor baby with the rash, that's too bad the cloth didn't work out. i know you can't use cream or it messes up the absorbancy. bummer. *crossing fingers* for my baby's butt to stay rash free.

CPA Mom said...

ABSOLUTELY! You've got a few YEARS before she understands gifts (I had people bring books for a reading program at Eeyore's 2nd birthday and she had no idea).

Luvs are good diapers too. Stay far away from HUGGIES - leak city!