Thursday, April 24, 2008

Random Stuff

Just a couple of random things.

You may have noticed my ice cream cone bullets are gone. Apparently my CSS subscription needed to be renewed (read: paid for) while I was having the baby. I didn’t renew and now don’t have the code any more.

I miss my cones.

I am totally mildly obsessed with the HGTV Green Home. I want that thing so badly!! Like 800,000,000 other people.

I got a comment on my family page the other day that cracked me up. A woman named Bethany who co-blogs at Scoopalicious commented. She blogs about ice cream! Is that funny?

That reminds me- it’s time to break out the ice cream machine!

I’ve been lurking around everyone’s sites lately. I am going to put some effort into actually commenting.

Guess what? The Brown Eyed Girl is back! And healthy! Go show her some love.

Uhh…that’s it.

Great ending Mama. You’re so freakin’ creative.

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