Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I'm a Big Loser- But Not Like These People

The Biggest Loser finale has been on for 14 minutes & I'm already crying! The chick from New Jersey lost half- HALF- her body weight! Holy crap! She went from a size 22 (my size btw) to a size 2- a SIZE 2.

It's back on...I'll be back.

The people who were voted off just came on.

They are completely different people! Go turn it on. It's amazing what you can do when you set your mind to it.


OK everybody- starting January- Big Blog Loser! If these people can do it- so can we!
Jen is Hot! She lost 100 pounds. On her own because she was voted off first.
I would totally want to be on Bob's team. He's so into it and encouraging. Did I mention that I'm eating ice cream while I'm watching this? Yep, no self control whatsoever. I suck.

Amy lost 106 pounds. She went from a size 22 to a size 10. I identify with Amy quite a bit. We seem to have the same kind of body. I don't know how tall she is- but it looks like she's up there. I am 5'10". She started out at 260lbs. I weigh (I can't believe I'm putting this on the Internet) I weigh 264 lbs. Amy now weighs 154. I never even considered getting down to 154. Maybe I can.
I just checked on Amy is 5'10".
Marty is so cute. I can't believe what these people did!
I hate the cliff hanging crap- I really need Tivo, then I could have watched it in about 40 minutes instead of 2 hours. How big of a dork am I that I'm blogging The Biggest Loser? Maggie Mason, I think I need your book!

The final four look awesome. Even pregnant, she looks great! Was that Niecy Nash in the audience? I love Niecy- do you watch Clean House- very funny.
There's a half hour left- how will they be dragging this out? Weigh 'em so I can get something done around here!
It would be so cool if Kai won. A female Biggest Loser- that would be great.
Erik lost 214 pounds! 2 1 4 pounds! He lost a person! Holy cow!

Now I must go & actually get something done around here. Hi, my name is Bethany & I am such a dork!


wopalockapino said...

Seriously, I turned it on just as they were coming back from the last commercial. When the numbers started going up and down I was crying! You are not the dork I am, I was crying and didn't watch one episode. LOL

Amy W said...

I have watched EVERY season of this show. It amazes me every time, and yes, I was balling as well.

That Chick Over There said...

I am totally auditioning for this show.

I just need someone to tape me acting like an ass. Which is easy, because I do it all the time. Hurray!