Friday, August 04, 2006

My Girls

I am thirty six years old. I'll be thirty seven in a few weeks...woohoo! I am married to a great guy. I have two girls, ages 15 and 3. Actually the 15 year old is my husband's daughter from his first marriage. She lives with us full time and I've been with them both since she was seven. I do all the mom things for her & she treats me like her mom. Ya know, she thinks I'm a complete jackass out to embarrass her and ruin her life- just like any good mother would. She is fifteen with all the anxiety and turmoil that comes with that. She is a really great kid. She gets straight A's in advanced classes and has a really good group of friends- except for the couple of doofuses (doofi?) that I can't stand.
Our three year old idolizes her sister. The little one is a piece of work, she has basically demanded to go to pre-school in the fall. She wants to do everything her Sissy does. My husband thinks preschool is a great idea, I had hoped to wait another year. It's not a matter of being separated from her, she goes to a sitter three days a week while I work, but I just can't believe that she is old enough to go to friggin' pre-school! It really does seem like she was born a week ago and now not only is she old enough to go to school, but she WANTS to go. She told me she would miss me but it would be okay because she'd be right back.
They grow so fast...I need ice cream.

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