Thursday, October 06, 2011

Guest Post- Cancer Support

A couple of weeks ago David asked if I would consider a guest post by him about cancer support groups.  Given what is going on in my life right now, I said sure.

Support Helps on the Way to the Cure

If you have been diagnosed with cancer whether it is skin cancer, Leukemia, or even a rare disease like mesothelioma then you need to understand the benefits of having the support of others at your aide. There are a myriad of cancer survivor groups all over the world and with the advent of the Internet they are closer than ever before. If you are recently diagnosed, going through treatments, or are a cancer survivor you should recognize how well support groups help individuals going through trying times and how much of a benefit survivors can provide to others.

Doctors Agree

One irrefutable truth that most doctors can agree upon is that understanding and support can help those with cancer get through their tough times. Understanding what is going on during treatments and even being well versed the adverse effectsof treatments can be beneficial. Peers going through the same or similar treatments can ultimately serve as a wonderful archive of knowledge and tips. Knowing what to expect is a great way to aide one in the fight against cancer. Friends and loved ones are able to provide a unique unrivaled support, but being able to discuss the specific, intimate details about an ailment with someone who has the same issue can be a great way to gain insight and help on the road to recovery.

Online Support Groups

Online support groups have become more prevalent as the Internet has become a bigger part in the lives of many. The Internet is now readily available wirelessly all over the world. Many smart phones and cellular devices have access to the Internet. This means for those battling cancer that support is always available. Anytime you are near your phone you can visit websites, send emails, and keep up with others. There is no longer a reason to face the hardships of cancer alone. The support of friends and loved ones important, but having someone in your corner that personally knows what you’re going through is unbeatable. This is a great way to know what to expect and to be able to talk honestly and candidly about what you are going through with others that will be both knowledgeable and sympathetic about what you are going through.

By: David Haas

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